2Y l 20lbs l Sheltie Mix l Dominican l Medium Energy l Spunky, Playful, Rambunctious l Dog Social l Best without Cats l Not Kid Tested l Needs help with the basics l Vocal when Playing

Did somebody say ZELDA? Well, that's what this girl things because she is ready, running and singing for you to notice her! We as well as her both know how adorable she is. She loves everything and anything that comes her way after of course a proper intro (shy at first). She's a spunky, mischievous ball of energy with the most adorable floppy ears and puppy eyes to get all the belly rubs she wants. She loves playing with other dogs and would make a great addition to a home that already has one or one that has lots of opportunities to be around furry friends. She can although get overexcited and needs help with her excitability. She gets vocal when she's pumped up which should be noted if you live in an apartment, although otherwise a small home is fine for her. She also loves being outside adventuring. Busy Toronto is still an adjustment for her but she does love being outside as much as possible so an explorer or someone with a backyard might be nice! Otherwise, one good walk a day is pretty good for her. She's always either on your lap or snoozing in her crate while you're watching a movie. Did we mention she snores? Umm, yeah. So yes she is crate trained and as well is good on a leash. She is so far pretty adjustable and will match your vibes whether its movie time, taking a stroll or just taking a nap. She does although need some work with basic obedience. She needs help mastering things like leash work, housetraining, and general commands. She was fine living with cats in Dominican but as of recently in foster has started chasing her cat a lot so may be best without a home with felines. She has not been tested with kids. She's also a little bit of a Houdini and shows up in places out of nowhere. So if magic is your game then please fill out a adoption application.