F | Puppy | Podenco Mix | Cayman Islands | 47 lbs | Medium energy | Needs experienced owner | Needs training | Very smart | Very sweet | Selective with other dogs | Older kids only | Not cat tested

Meet ZARA! This beautiful girl is still a puppy and has a lot to learn but is super smart and definitely on the path to success. ZARA will need an experienced owner because she can be super stubborn and will 100% try to be the boss of the house. She’s selective with other dogs and can be especially bossy with submissive dogs and will constantly be trying to control them like her little minions. We’re not ruling out a home with another dog but it needs to be the right fit. She needs another dog who is more dominant than her but not reactive so that she knows her place in the pack. This means she’s also way too cool to hang out at the dog park – they’re like sooo last year. She’s not great at sharing either and will keep all the food/toys/comfy things for herself. ZARA will benefit from a home with boundaries and structure. She is a chewer so will need a bunch of durable toys to keep her occupied or else she will destroy everything in sight cause eating all your stuff is SO FUN. She absolutely LOVES her crate and should stay in there while her people are out and at night, at least at first. She’s already learned her basic commands but ongoing training will help make sure she’s a happy and well adjusted pup. She is VERY treat oriented which is great for her working on her skills. Her leash skills definitely need work and she’s very strong so tends to pull. She loves walks though so will need to go to a relatively active household. She nips so a home with older children (12+) is best and she hasn’t been tested with cats. ZARA may have a tough AF exterior but she’s actually a huge sweetheart and loves to cuddle up to you or just place her head in your lap for a quick snooze. If you’d like to meet her fill out an application to ADOPT.