| M | 1 Y | Shepherd mix | 62 lbs | High energy | Very people friendly | Only child or non-reactive dog | Smart but stubborn | Very Strong | Particular with Dogs/Leash Reactivity l Needs Socialization/Exposure w Dogs | Ok with kids | Not cats (prey drive)

Meet YIPPY! This high energy dude is looking for some nice humans who are committed to snuggles, training and long games of fetch. He’s very affectionate and has a great personality to go with those ridiculous good looks but also needs some guidance to help facilitate better manners! He’s still very much a puppy and thinks that your hands are chew toys. Mmmmm fingers. He’s been working on it but he’s just a big goofy dog and sometimes forgets. He’s very smart and has picked up on most basic commands but he’s also very stubborn and impatient so may not always follow through on them. Although he loves his people he doesn’t really care what you think and isn’t really looking to please you. He’s in a very one sided relationship where you snuggle him all the time and then he ignores everything you say. SO FUN. He needs firm boundaries in order to thrive. He would definitely benefit from some structured training to help exhaust him mentally and physically. He’s a big boy and does tend to pull on leash and has prey drive as well as leash reactivity. He barks at some dogs on leash and is working on this in foster care. Guided exposure and socialization are helping him understand that dogs can actually be friends, and the more positive experiences he has with new dogs, the better. He has played off leash with a non-reactive dog and had a great time! He’s the most affectionate dog and wants to be around you always. Say goodbye to personal space because he likes to be beside you at all times, even in the bathroom. Can you just snuggle him forever? YIPPY needs to be the only pet in the home at this time, unless you have a non-reactive dog and are experienced to work with his needs. He’s not great with other dogs, especially higher energy males and will growl/lunge at them.  He hasn’t been tested with cats but has a high prey drive. We think he’d be ok with older kids who understand his size and what to do when he play nips.

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