M | Puppy | Hound mix | Dominican | Medium energy l Shy/Cautious at first | Happy go lucky | Loves his pack | Almost housetrained | Good with Dogs & Cats l Nervous around  young Kids

WILSOONNNN! Meet your new best friend. This pup comes from Dominican but has adapted to his new life easily, fitting in with his foster fam like immediately. His motto in life is, "the bigger the family, the more cuddle time". Although he's a puppy WILSON is actually super laid back and just happy to go with the flow. Crate time? No problem, he thinks his crate is pretty cool anyway. Meet new people and become pals with them after making sure they are cool first? Check. Become your dogs BFFL (after an initial intro)? YUP. Be cool with cats? No worries, he loves those furry little felines. WILSON just loves being a part of the pack, no matter what that entails. He's pretty well mannered for a pup but would do well with a basic obedience class just to help him master all his skills. He's nearly housetrained and can hold it through the night but may have the occasional accident during the day if he's not taken out frequently. WILSON really bonded with another SOS pup while in foster care and they became fast friends. He was always looking up to him and trying to copy everything he did. He would do VERY well as a second dog in the home so that he has a leader and role model. He opens up more with a more confident furry friend around! He is nervous around kids but we think he is adaptable. He's shy in new settings so needs the kids to be dog friendly as well. Older kids may be better. He LOVES to play fetch, but don't tell him that he's not very good at it. His other favourite activity is running around the yard looking for treats so bonus if you have a backyard. If you'd like to meet WILSON fill out an application to adopt