White Fang


F | 3 Y | Chihuahua mix | 7 lbs |Dominican | Low energy | Super chill | Learning the basics | Housetrained | Vocal when left alone | Only Child (jealous) | Older kids only l Need Boundaries

She claims she’s a dog but looks more like a cute little alien, meet WHITE FANG! Like a true Chihuahua she’s not super active and really loves to sleep. FANG is really chill and just learning what it means to be a spoiled pup. When she first arrived she thought tile floors were the most comfortable sleeping space (THEY’RE NOT) and wasn’t really sure how to give affection. She’s slowly realizing that blankets/pillows/couches/beds are THE BEST and now wakes her foster up with little kisses every morning. She was not housetrained when she first arrived but caught on really quickly and holds it during the day and at night. She’s technically crate trained but secretly hates it. Now that she’s potty trained we think she’d be ok to be free reign in her new home once she gets used to your space and schedule. If she is crated she cries for the first bit so may not be suited to apartment living, unless you have very understanding neighbours. She wants to be with her people as much as possible and will cry if you leave the room and forget to tell her. She’d do best in a home with people who LOVE when tiny creatures stalk them all day long. FANG is super jealous of other animals in the home. SO being an only child is easier for adopters but as well we'd be open to someone who would help work on her jealousy issues. Experience working with jealous issues is an asset and/or understanding that this requires a firm leader and may include hte need for training!! FANG is just looking for a furever fam who can love her like the special little alien she is while also provide her with some ongoing support! If you’d like to meet her, fill out an application to adopt today!