M | 3 Y | Cockapoo | Medium energy| Needs experienced owner | Needs ongoing training | Dog Social | No kids

TUX is ready to bust outta training and move to a foster, foster-to-adopt or forever home if it’s the right fit. Please do not get lost in what seems to be a cute little furry mop – WE ARE LOOKING FOR EXPERIENCED PEOPLE ONLY FOR TUX. Yes he is super cute but the problem is he KNOWS IT and thinks he’s the king of the world. He will test his boundaries like whoa and he must go to a home where people aren’t afraid to ignore him and not give him too much attention. He needs boundaries if he’s going to succeed, like not being allowed on the furniture. He needs to go to a home where the people are comfortable dealing with a fearful/attention seeking dog who will test his limits. TUX is a classic get an inch take a mile kind of guy. He would benefit from ongoing obedience training and lots of mental stimulation, like working for his meals. He absolutely LOVES going outside for hikes and walks. He’s crated at night and when he’s not under any supervision so he doesn’t get up to anything too mischievous. His crate should be in a quiet location or he will bark, looking for attention. TUX requires proper introductions when meeting new people and should not be allowed to interact until he’s calm. TUX is good with dogs if they are stable. Dogs that are bratty, he BRATS back! (generally smaller dogs) He should not go to a home with children at this time. With ongoing support, training and guidance we think TUX can blossom into a great dog, he just needs the chance to work on his skills in the right environment. If you’re as devote to TUX’S future success as we are get at us so we can work together to help this guy shine.