Susie Q


F | 12 Y | Chihuahua | 5 lbs | LA | Low energy | Shy at first | A bit sassy | The most loveable | Almost house trained | Good with low-key, patient dogs | Good with cats | No kids

Time to meet a very special little lady – SUSIE Q! This sweet senior has travelled all the way from LA for her second chance and after a couple health scares she is finally in the clear and ready for adoption. GET IT GUURRRLLL. Although she can be a bit shy at first deep down she’s silly, social and a huge (but little) snuggle bug! SUSIE is very sweet and even wins over even the most hardcore big dog lovers. Her tail never stops wagging and once she’s feeling secure with her humans she’s ready for just about anything. SUSIE is a sweet senior and is super low energy and would do best in a very quiet and chill home. Her favourite activity is snuggling up and binging shows on Netflix but she will also need her humans to remind her to check her sass at the door. She would be fine with another chill animal in the home (dog or cat) but may snarl at them if they infringe on her cuddle time with her humans. She can ONLY be in a home with chill, laid back animals. When she gets a bit bossy her fosters have just been putting her on the ground and she remembers her place in the pack really quick. SUSIE has been working on house training (nearly there--using pee pads), recall and core exercises in her foster home. Because of her age it’s best to let her sit and lay down on her own accord instead of asking that she do so. Her adopters should continue giving her a high-quality mobility supplement and a stool softener three times a week to help her stay regular. Susie has a congenital orthopaedic issue with her back legs (she was born this way but she sure doesn't let this stop her but potential adopters should be aware! She does walk differently because of it! SUSIE is a very sweet girl and is just looking for a loving home where she can live out her golden years. If you can open your hearts to this teeny tiny senior please fill out an application to adopt now.