F | Puppy | Hound mix | Dominican | Medium energy | Outgoing and social | Needs training | HATES the cold | Cuddle monster | Good with other dogs | Good with kids | Not cat tested

Meet STINKY! She wasn’t given that name for any particular reason we swear, but just so she doesn’t develop a weird complex her foster has started calling her MISSY ELLIOTT. No matter what you call her she’s a typical puppy – happy go lucky and very sociable. She loves people and she loves attention. When she passes people on the street she stares at them the whole time just hoping that they’ll come over and pet her. She has typical puppy energy where she runs around playing like a fool and then crashes hard on the spot. She takes LONG naps and she sleeping as close to you as possible. When you pick her up for a snuggle she seems so content that she falls asleep almost instantly. STINKY is a hound mix though and will be relatively big when she grows up. She’ll need a decent amount of exercise per day or she’ll go stir crazy in the home. She looks like a total goof when she runs because she’s ALL legs and doesn’t really get them. She’s a very smart pup but will need help with all basic training – just like a typical puppy! She’s in her chewing phase so needs to be reminded which things are ok to chew and which things are off limits. She cries a little bit when you first put her in the crate for the night but settles down if you ignore her for a few minutes. STINKY will need people with a relatively flexible schedule and the time to devote to training her and keeping her properly socialized. She’s good on leash except when it’s cold outside because coming from Dominican, she HATES the cold. This will definitely take some patience as she refuses to go to the bathroom when she’s cold and just sits there shaking. A home with a backyard may be beneficial for this but isn’t absolutely necessary.  STINKY MISSY ELLIOTT really is just a happy bundle of joy and her new fam will be super lucky to have her! If you’d like to meet her fill out an application to adopt today!