F | 5 Y | Chihuahua mix | 13 lbs | Los Angeles | Low energy | Loving and goofy | Cuddle monster | Chewer | Apartment dog | Dog social | OK with kids | Not cat tested

Our little beauty queen from La La Land, meet STARLA! This little Chi mix isn’t a demanding diva though, she's ready to settle into your life. House, apartment, condo, whatever! Just as long as she gets some outdoor time to greet her admirers she’s cool. She loves being outside but doesn’t need endless amounts of exercise. A couple leisurely strolls around the block are just fine. She does really enjoy playtime inside the home though and LOVES her toys. Actually, she loves anything that she can get her little paws on and full disclosure she is an underwear thief. Everything that she’s NOT allowed to chew will need to be put away. Her favourite game is hide and seek with her toys – she tries to hide them from you so that you can’t touch them. SO FUN. We haven’t told her that she finds the worst hiding spots though… Her playtime usually lasts for about 10 mins and then she’s ready to curl up right next to you for a snooze. She’s a total cuddle monster. She may need some help with potty training in her new home but is good about going in her crate. She’s good with other dogs and is respectful of their space. She hasn’t been tested with cats and would be good with kids as long as they understand her size. If you’d like to meet STARLA fill out an application to adopt today!