Shepherd Mix Puppies


Hi guys! We are searching for adopters of 8 currently 3-week-old Shepherd Mix puppies who will be available for pick up at 8 weeks of age, roughly May 6th. 

The preferred requirements for adoption are as follows:

  • Experience with Shepherds
  • Interest in future training (a must)
  • Experience with puppies
  • Active/High Stimulating lifestyle
  • Flexible schedule (puppies demand a lot of attention!)

Full grown size is UNKNOWN which is always exciting!! 

Puppies are currently in GUELPH, ON. So all meet and greets and pick up will happen there! 

Understanding that dogs born from street dogs have a predisposition to being wary of new people. Early socialization and exposure to people, children, dogs and environmental stressors is a must. Exposing dogs to different textured surfaces, sounds, like getting them used to banging, vacuuming, slippery floors etc. is important in the beginning of their lives. 

Because the mother was previously a street dog, we have no idea what mix the puppies could be. She is predominantly Shepherd but grew up on the streets in Egypt. Having experience with Egyptian Baladis and/or understanding the breed is also an asset.  

So, without further ado, please fill out an application with Dog Name: “Shepherd Mix”. Please make sure you are serious about your application and ready for a pup now. We will not be holding any pups after the 8 weeks.