F | 11 M | Jack Russell Terrier mix | 27 lbs | Dominican | Low to medium energy | Shy at first | Super chill | Very curious | Good with other dogs | Not cat or kid tested - probs fine

Meet SARAH! This JRT mix is definitely more laid back than anything. She loves sleeping in and when she's not snoozing away she's happy to sit by the window and people watch. She's very curious about the world around her but still a bit apprehensive of everything. Coming from Dominican a lot of stuff is still new to her and we think she'll continue to show improvement with more exposure. She shy when first meeting new people but if you approach calmly and let her make the first move she warms up pretty quickly. She's still pretty scared of loud city noises like streetcars and big trucks so will need a patient and calm owner to help guide her through those scary moments. She is still VERY nervous around some people and there doesn't seem to be a particular pattern - just some people rub her the wrong way. Like I don't like the look of you, good day sir. Her new people should be comfortable with proper introductions and showing her that people really ain't that bad! Once she trusts you she's very affectionate and will quietly cry if she thinks you're not giving her attention. She LOVES belly rubs and is happy just to be in your space. She's pretty low maintenance and doesn't need a very strict routine - she's totally a go with the flow kind of girl. Sometimes her foster even needs to wake SARAH up in the morning for breakfast and she's like k, fine whatever. She's very playful in short bursts and loves chewing on her bone. She's pretty low energy but does enjoy going for long strolls around the neighbourhood. She's good on leash but constantly on alert to try to take in everything that's happening around her. Like 'oh look there's a squirrel, and that's a tree, and that's another dog, and there's a garbage can.' THE WORLD IS CRAZY. She's good with other dogs, although a bit shy at first. She hasn't been tested with cats or kids but we think she'd be ok with older kids and cats with a proper introduction. If you'd like to meet SARAH fill out an application to adopt.