F | Puppy | Lab mix | Texas | Medium energy | Needs to learn the basics | Affectionate | Social butterfly | Chewer | Good with dogs and kids | Unknown with cats (prey drive)

Meet our social butterfly SADIE! This little lady has travelled from Texas to meet all the new BFFs she can. Seriously, she gets along with everyone and everything except those dang squirrels… but those are actually snacks though right? SADIE is a young pup and although she’s a quick learner and has a solid foundation she will need someone who has the time to devote to raising her right. A flexible schedule or someone who works from home would be ideal. We also think she’d be cool to tag along with you to work as long as you don’t mind people ignoring you in meetings because your dog is just too cute. Bonus points if you have a backyard she can take over. SADIE is working on all the basics and is nearly fully house trained and understands the concept of fetch occasionally. She is very good at sitting before you cross the street and absolutely LOVES sleeping in her crate at night. She also loves car rides, checking out anything that might be food and chewing anything she can get her little teeths on in the house. Chew toys are your new best friend. She loves hanging out with her pals at the dog park and will happily let anyone pet her. She’s very people friendly and would be good in a home with kids. SADIE hasn’t been tested with cats but has shown signs of a prey drive so may not be the best with kitties in the home. If you’d like to meet SADIE fill out an application to ADOPT