M | 1 Y | Podenco mix | Mexico | 32 lbs | High energy | Very people friendly | Family dog | Needs training + structure | Energetic | Hasn’t met many dogs | No cats | Good with kids

Stacks on stacks… meet PANCAKE! This guy just loves smiling and yup, smiling is his favourite. He’s very people friendly and would make a great family dog and would do well with kids. He is definitely a high energy dog and would benefit from lots of activity. He loves being the life of the party! He needs training and structure in order to thrive. A little patience can’t hurt either when you’re dealing with a young, bouncy pup! He’s been working on basic commands with his foster and we think he’d love to continue with training given his breed. He’s housebroken and crate trained but does have some leash reactivity. So far he’s met two female dogs and has been friendly with them but he hasn’t been exposed to many other dogs. He tends to bark a bit when you leave the house but has been getting better. He has a high prey drive and reacts to birds while on leash and absolutely hates cats. PANCAKE would love a home with a yard if possible so that he can run around like crazy. He’s very curious and smart and continues to grow every day. He is very scared of loud surprising noises like train bells and could be a flight risk in a situation that startles him so adopters need to be cautious. If you’d like to meet PANCAKE and fill his days with walks, chew toys, belly rubs and cuddles fill out an application to adopt now!