M l 6Y l 6lbs l Chihuahua Mix l Low Energy l Quirky l Nervous l Separation Anxiety l Affectionate but on his own time l Quite Home l MUST be second dog l Apartment Living l Barks at other dogs on walks but dog social l Good with Older Kids l Good w Chill Cats l Needs help building Confidence 

OTIS MEET THE WORLD. K maybe not all at once cause this dude is just getting comfortable looking in the mirror. OTIS is a special little dude with lots of quirks and fun traits. OTIS takes a little bit of time to get comfortable in his surroundings but once he decides you're an okay person he will be your corky best friend. OTIS is nervous on his own and will need help building confidence. He's used to living in a home with another dog and uses them to shield himself from the world. You don't notice me right? Look at this guy instead.. he's cool. Instead, we want OTIS to be in a home that encourages him to be brave and find happiness in himself and the world around, but just so happens to have another dog! OTIS does have separation anxiety and will need help working on this. Building his confidence will definitely help but someone with a flexible schedule to help him work on this is KEY! Creating boundaries and helping with his independence should be your top priority. OTIS' fav activity (okay second favourite to humping his friends heads) is sun bathing. Because of this we rate OTIS' energy level at about a -2. Okay fine, a couple pee breaks are nice too. OTIS is good with other dogs but does bark at them on walks which will need to be worked on. He has not been extensively tested with cats but seems to be good with chill ones! And again, he must go to a home as the second dog but needs to be controlled as to not use the dog as a clutch. OTIS is better with older kids (15+). He'd also probz be a good office dog if you let him. He is also NOT potty trained and marks inside. This will need some serious work!! We're also not 100% sure he's a dog because if you put him in a cage of rabbits you may never find him again. If you'd like to meet this dude or find out more, the first step is filling out the adoption application below SO DO IT NOW!