F | 4 Y | Spaniel mix | 33 lbs | Mexico | Medium energy | Laidback | Smart + well mannered | A bit lazy | Separation anxiety | Particular with dogs | Older kids only | Not cat tested

Meet NISHA! If she had her way she would be listed as low energy because she is super chill and just looovess lounging around the house all day. We do too, especially after attending TIFF parties but we all know that spending all day on the couch is frowned upon. We’ve listed NISHA as medium energy because it’s important that she stays active for her overall wellbeing. She could actually stand to lose a couple pounds as she’s a bit on the heavy side currently. NISHA is smart and well mannered. She’s been working on basic commands in foster and is great on leash. She comes when she’s called unless she’s like super comfy on the couch in which case you may need to repeat yourself… a couple of times… and then clap your hands… and then maybe she moves. Told ya she was lazy… uhhh we mean chill. She’s very human-friendly and loves cuddles but will also give you your space and actually is not a lap dog. She follows her people around the house and has developed some separation anxiety as a result so will need to learn to be a bit more independent. She is nervous of some loud noises, especially cars and trucks. NISHA does not really care for other dogs. She’s fine if they stay out of her business and she’ll do the same but she gets nervous if they come up to her. Even though she’s defensive at first she warms up with a long, proper introduction. We can’t see her running around and playing with another dog though. She hasn’t been tested with cats and would do best in a home with older children who can give her enough space to chill out. If you’d like to meet NISHA fill out an application to adopt now.