M | 2 Y | Airedale Terrier Mix | 47 lbs | Dominican | Medium energy | Polite | Quiet | Shy and nervous | Great with humans | Not so great with dogs | Not cat or kid tested

When your dog is not only the cutest one on the block but also has the best manners… meet NEO! NEO is a shy and gentle guy with the scruffiest of beards and the most soulful eyes. Put a cardigan on him and sit him in an armchair and he could basically be your grandpa. Outside, NEO is curious about everything but at the same time is very cautious and likes to quietly check things out from a safe distance. Inside, he’s ready to greet all your friends at the door and melt their hearts. More than anything, he just loves being around his humans because that means belly rubs and head scratches. All of them, please and thank you. If you’re busy he’s cool to lounge on the couch and contemplate things like the philosophical dude that he is until you’re ready to hang out again. NEO is also a great listener and never judges you. Did you secretly eat six donuts today? You can confess that to NEO. Just had the worst date ever? NEO wants to hear all about it. He responds to training well and doesn’t persist with bad behaviour but he will benefit from ongoing training to help build his confidence. He loves to go walking with you but needs some help with his leash skills, which he’s been working on in foster. NEO is very fearful around other dogs and gets anxious if he even sees them in the distance. His people will need to be very patient with him as they work to build his confidence. No dog parks just yet and we think he’d like to be the only pet in the home for a while. He hasn’t been tested with cats or kids. NEO has so many great qualities and we can’t wait to see him evolve as he continues to learn. If you’d like to meet him fill out an application to adopt.