MYRTLE | F | 9 M | 20 lbs | Potcake mix | Dominican | Medium energy | Shy at first | Needs to build confidence | Affectionate and smart| Needs patient people | Nervous with other dogs | Ok with cats | Older kids only

Meet MYRTLE! This awkward little fuzzball has just arrived from the Dominican and is still getting used to the sights and sounds of the city. As such, she can be shy at first and nervous in new situations. Ideally we’re looking for a dog experienced home for her OR people who are very patient and willing to invest the time and effort into helping her build confidence and become a bad@!% babe who owns EVERYTHING she does. She’s on her way there now and just needs to keep things going. This means continuing to expose her to new things gradually. Working on her socialization is key and she shouldn’t just be smothered with affection (although she is cute AF) or she won’t progress. She was initially nervous living in a busier part of the city but now that she’s had time to get used to her ‘hood she’s a lot more comfortable and wants to say hi to EVERYONE on the street. She has made SO much progress in her foster home but there will be an adjustment period with her new family. MYRTLE is very affectionate and a total lap dog. She’ll sit beside you and quietly poke her nose into your hand until you give in and then she just rolls right over for full on belly rubs. She’s VERY smart and learned some basic commands in only a few days. You could probs train her to do anything – like laundry, cooking dinner, pouring you a drink. YAS. She picks things up easily and is very eager to learn. She’s crate trained and overall very well behaved in the home. She’s just learning how to play and we’re not going to lie, it’s awkward but also amazing. She’s more playful in the home where she’s comfortable. She’ll need help with her leash skills as she tends to pull, but has been getting much better and this also comes with confidence. She’s nervous around other dogs but also curious about them so she’ll just need time and lots of practice with proper introductions. We think she would be ok as a second dog and she’s fine with cats. She would be ok in a home with older children, 12 and up. If you’d like to meet MYRTLE fill out an application to adopt