F | 2 Y | Shepherd mix | Cayman Islands | 50 lbs | Medium to high energy | Playful and social | A little too excited sometimes | Lap dog | Dominant & Playful with Dogs | Not cat or kid tested l Heartworm Positive

Looking all cute like she popped outta Super Mario – meet MUSHROOM! Now she just needs some little plumbers to keep her company. MUSHROOM is a bouncy, playful, social girl and we’re sure she’ll give you a boost of fun in your life. Just like those bouncy little dudes in the video games she can get a little too excited when meeting new friends (or running from Bowser, gahhhh). She tends to jump up on people to greet them but is learning that sometimes a polite handshake is more appropriate. She’s medium to high energy overall and loves being outside, especially when she has the chance to socialize with her pals. She could spend a couple hours per day hanging at the dog park but doesn’t need to run any marathons or anything like that. She’s good with other dogs but is dominant. So, when another dog wants to be the dominiant dog, she may have a 99 problems with that. She needs human coaching/instructions to keep her in check and bring her ego down a few notches. She would do well a second dog in the home, like the Mario to her Luigi but of course wants to win the race! She’s potty trained and knows basic commands but will need some help with her leash skillz. She’s pretty docile in the home and loves to climb into you lap as much as possible. She’s not a small girl necessarily so maybe side by side cuddles will be more comfortable. She gets very attached to her humans and follows you around everywhere so ideally would have someone home more often than not, and there may be a transition period as she learns to trust that you will come back and you’re not going to be eaten by a giant venus fly trap. She also tries to eat everything because if it might be food it’s worth a shot right? She hasn’t been tested with cats although does show signs of a prey drive. She hasn’t been tested with kids either but we think she’d be fine with kids 12+ would could handle the occasional jumping up to greet you moments. MUSHROOM is currently being treated for heartworm, more information will be disclosed throughout the adoption process. If you’d like to meet MUSHROOM fill out an application to adopt today.