F | 1 Y | Rat Terrier Mix | 12 lbs | Mexico | Medium energy | Very smart | Playful | Needs experienced owner | Scared of new people | Not dog social | Not cat or kid tested

When you’re tiny but don’t take any s*!% from anyone – meet MONA! This girl is cute as heck but there’s a ton of sass packed into that little body. MONA has all the typical characteristics of a terrier, she’s tough, protective, vocal and wants to be in charge of everything all day, every day. She also goes from zero to 100 REAL quick. MONA will need an experienced owner as she has some fear based issues that can only be resolved with time and training. She is constantly trying to assert herself as a leader so she will growl and nip at strangers in her home. She does not display this type of behaviour with her owners though so as long as you continue to assert yourself as the pack leader she should show improvements meeting new people as her confidence grows. She’s the same way with other dogs and we think this developed as a self-preservation instinct on the streets of Mexico. You gotta act a little nuts so scavengers stay the heck away from your street snacks ya know? MONA would benefit from ongoing socialization classes so she can meet other dogs in a controlled environment but for now should be the only dog in the home. She is very smart and picks up basic commands pretty well but sometimes forgets to listen when she gets too scared on walks. She would love to do more advanced training – like agility – as well to help boost her confidence and utilize her natural athletic ability. When she’s comfortable MONA is super affectionate and playful. She loves running around like a little lunatic but then snuggling up in your lap for a Netflix marathon. Ideally her new home will have a backyard so she can have her playtime in an environment she feels comfortable in. If you’d like to meet her fill out an application to adopt.