F | 1 Y | Husky | High energy | Happy go lucky | Friendly & Curious l Confident, Bossy, Smart l SO FLUFFY | Separation anxiety | Chill in the home | Very friendly with people + dogs | Good with kids | Cat Friendly

MISHU arrived into our care as one GIANT ball of fluff but after a trip to the groomer she’s looking fresh AF with her summer cut and is ready to get adopted! This girl is stunning and if you’re a fan of the Husky breed you need to get your app in like yesterday. MISHU is a happy go lucky girl and is super friendly. She’s happy to meet anyone on the street and people will fall in love with her in about two seconds. True to her breed she’s playful, smart and energetic and will need regular exercise to keep her happy. In the home she’s very chill and will regularly check in with you for a quick snuggle just to show her love and appreciation. She doesn’t like being left alone and has shown signs of separation anxiety including barking. Her foster has been working with her on this but it is a work in progress. She currently does not spend time home alone and instead gets babysat. Crating will definitely help but there will be an adjustment period and effort needed for her to learn to be okay alone. Her ideal home will have people around more often than not and we think she’d be ok in a home with kids and cats and preferably another dog. A dog daycare would also be a great option. She's playful but gentle. She’s learning her basic commands and is pretty good on leash. MISHU is great with other dogs and pretty much loves them all, big and small. Her foster has a cat and they were caught cuddling the other day -- so yes cat social but your cat also needs to be friendly with dogs! She would do best NOT in a condo/apartment as she needs space as well as barks from SA. If you’d like to meet MISHU fill out an application to adopt now!