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F | 1 Y | Basenji/Shep mix | Cayman Islands | 47 lbs | High energy | Heartworm positive – being treated | Loves her fam | Shy with strangers | Affectionate + playful | Not a city girl | Great second dog | Good with older kids | Not cat tested

Meet MIA! This beautiful girl likely had a bit of a rough start to life and has the scars to show it. Because of this she’s a bit of a wallflower at first and doesn’t really like being put in new situations. She’s very nervous around loud noises so a home outside of the city in the burbs would be best for her. She’s also very nervous around new people and will avoid contact with strangers inside and outside. Even when she’s scared and nervous she is still super sweet and never shows any signs of aggression. Just quietly shies away like please don’t notice me. With her family she’s a different dog and is the LIFE OF THE PARTY. She loves her entire foster fam, including all humans and animals, SO MUCH and just wants to play or snuggle all the time. She is submissive by nature with both people and dogs but loves a good wrestle match and will constantly try to engage in play. She does nip a bit but always in a playful way. Her favourite games are chase me, wrestle time, fetch, and ok now chase me again. We definitely think she would be best in a home with another dog and with a fenced in backyard where they can play all day. She’s pretty high energy but with lots of power naps mixed, along with a good belly rub, or two or 103493. She’s smart but will need a patient owner who can continue to build her confidence and would benefit from obedience classes to continue to build her skills. She is a flight risk so a proper martingale collar is a MUST for her and she can NOT be off leash. It’s best to watch her around any open doors as well. Her leash skills are very limited because she’s still so nervous so this will take time and a lot of work. She’s crate trained and can stay in there for up to 5 hours during the day as well as at night. She also has GREAT house manners and yard manners (no counter surfing, digging, etc.). As well, she responds super well to a simple "no" when redirection is needed. MIA is VERY dog social and hasn’t been tested with cats. She would be fine with older dog savvy kids. MIA is currently being treated for heartworm, more information will be disclosed throughout the adoption process. . If you’d like to meet her fill out an application to ADOPT now!