9M l 40lbs l Hound Mix l Medium Energy l Nervous l  Loving to her humans l Funny & Playful l Chill in the home l Vocal/Leash Reactivity l Needs guided exposure l Nervous of Dogs l Not Good w Cats l Not Kid Tested

Meet MANCHA. In the home you will notice MANCHA is as sweet as can be with her loving fosters who she trusts. She is very cuddly and playful! MANCHA is nervous when you invite your friends over because she has noooooo idea if they are cool or not. She is very cautious/shy at first but once she warms up she remembers they have plenty of lap space for her. Cause c'mon, can you really be too big? Even when MANCHA is settled around her new friends, she is still skittish and her confidence relies mostly on you. She likes to stick with you but would benefit from a home that doesn't give in to that need but instead promotes confidence within herself. She is happy to be home alone 9-5 and just sunbaths and window watches. When MANCHAleaves the home her insecurities are apparent, although she has improved significantly! MANCHA  is very nervous of her surroundings and thus has a hard time listening and staying in control of her reactions. She growls/barks at dogs on walks and is very scared to pass by dog parks or areas with lots of dogs. We believe that with the right guidance and dedication that she will build confidence, since we've already seen so many improvements in foster care. Again, giving in to these insecurities like avoiding walks would not be beneficial to help her growth. The more guided exposure she gets, the better this will be! Because of these fears MANCHA has had a hard time interacting with other dogs, but has been able to be with a non-reactive/chill dog in their home. Once the initial interaction happens (she generally starts with a growl) she can settle in and respect boundaries. She is okay with cats. Low-key, mature, non-reactive animals may actually be good for her to be with! MANCHA is looking for a home she can build confidence and open up in. If you think you are that for her, please apply