F | 10 M | Egyptian Baladi | 45 lbs | Low to medium energy | Shy | SO sweet | Barker | Very loyal | Loves her people | Working on training | Dog social | Curious about cats | Not kid tested

Meet LUCY our Egyptian princess! In the time that she’s been here we’ve seen SO MUCH PROGRESS. She is quite shy and when she first arrived she was afraid of literally everything, cars, people, noises, the television. She is still a bit of a guard dog who needs to work on how she greets guests (or what she would consider, intruders). But she has really started to open up, build confidence and has finally learned how to dog. GO LUCY! She may bark at you when you first meet her but once she knows you she is THE SWEETEST EVER. She loves to greet you at the door and give you a nice hug. She is extremely loyal once she develops trust and will follow you around the house. Her energy level has increased a little bit as she's gained her confidence, and she has learned to like toys, walks, and playtime with other dogs-- but her favourite is still couch time and movie nights. She is pretty obedient and has learned most commands quickly. Her house training has gone well with access to a backyard and she may need a fairly quiet living space as she has a big, loud bark and isn’t afraid to use it when she hears a noise or she's scared. She is still working on leash training, usually remembers proper manners a few minutes into your walk. Lucy might be a claustrophobic because crate training did not go well but has done way better being in a pen at night/during the day. She has met a cat twice and is curious and maybe a little too forward. LUCY has not met any kids but would would likely be okay with older children who are calm. Think LUCY is a good match for you? Fill out an application to adopt.