F | 8 M | Mexico | Shepherd mix | 30 lbs | Medium energy | Very social | Loves walks | Doesn’t like being alone | Almost housetrained | Loves dogs | Not cat or kid tested

Her name is LOLA she is showgirl… uhhh we mean doggo. LOLA has just arrived from Mexico and people all over the city have been stopping her on the street like gurrrrlll, you so pretty. She seems pleased with the compliments. LOLA loves being outside and exploring her new surroundings on walks. Even better than walks is socializing with all her new pals at the dog park. She is VERY dog social and would do well in a home with another dog. At home she’s pretty independent and content just chilling in her bed. While she enjoys belly rubs and head scratches she’s not overly demanding of your attention and doesn’t need constant cuddles. She’s not super playful with people either but she may come out of her shell more as she gets more settled. LOLA is doing well with her housetraining and is nearly there. She knows she’s supposed to pee outside but if you’re not in the room to see her cues she may have an accident. She’s also been having some tummy troubles which we’re trying to get to the bottom of. We’ve confirmed that it’s not a vetting concern so it may still be nerves but it does result in the occasional messy accident indoors, especially in the night. LOLA has some separation anxiety and doesn’t like being left alone. She should be crated because she will chew your things if she’s left out. She’s also quite young so will benefit from training. She hasn’t been tested with cats or kids. LOLA is a super happy and confident girl and will continue to shine in the right home. Fill out an application to adopt her.