F | 1 Y | Shepherd mix | 30 lbs | Mexico | Medium energy | Affectionate and Playful | Loves belly rubs | Needs socialization | Apprehensive of other dogs but progressing | LOVES the outdoors l Not cat or kid tested

Meet LISA! This girl is SUPER affectionate and there’s nothing she likes more than a good belly rub. She’s pretty subtle about it though and will just kind of roll up to you and present her belly like ohhhh haaiiiii I’ll just lay here for a bit and, you know, if you feel like rubbing my belly I’m totally cool with that, I guess. She likes a lot of attention and is definitely a people dog. She sometimes even stands on her hind legs like she’s trying to actually become a real life person. SO weird/interesting #aliens She becomes a little more fearful outside and is timid around other dogs. She will need a patient owner who will continue to work on her socialization and build her confidence. She has already made lots of progress on this in foster care and we are so proud!! Because of this she should be the only dog in the home or be with a very non reactive role model that will help her adjust/learn. She may require a bit of time when she first moves into her new home to be fully acclimatized as she has been slow to warm up to her life in Canada. She’s crate trained and knows her basic commands and pulls slightly on a leash, but as well as progressed so much. She's so smart!! She’s an affectionate little cuddle monster with a bit of a mischievous side and will test her boundaries a little bit when given the chance. She’s a pretty low key chick overall and will make an excellent companion for someone who is committed to building her confidence. Maybe hang some inspirational posters around your pad like: you’re a great dog LISA, don’t be afraid to show it! She hasn’t been tested with cats or kids. Her fav activity is squirrel patrol so cats are probz not gonna love her. One fun fact about LISA is that she carries her leash to the door when it's time to go for a walk! LISA ALWAYZZZ wants to be outside so a family that is the same would be AMAZZZZING for her!! Ready to meet her? Fill out an applicant to ADOPT