1Y l 30lbs l Podenco Mix l From Dominican l Medium Energy l Shy at first l Very Sweet & Loving l Dog Social l Not test with cats (likely fine) l No Kids

LILLY welcomes us into spring and is hopefully bringing that Dominican heat here with her. LILLY is blossomed a lot in foster care, with duh, the right guidance. LILLY is initially shy when meeting new peoples (and sometimes bigger dogs). She originally would growl at new people that entered her space but after 2 Socialization classes she has done really well and stopped. We hope her adopter will continue to socialize LILLY so she can break out of her shell even more, as well as not regress. LILLY loves playing with doggy friends and would love to be a second dog. If not, LILLY would love if there were opportunities to play often with other pups! LILLY would benefit from at least one long walk a day to get her energy out as well as a few bathroom breaks. She can be left alone for most of the day but needs to be crated. She initially cries when you leave but will settle. She currently has 2 dog walkers come a day and this time outside is really great for her. She'd love a backyard to play in or just ways to be stimulated as she seems a little bored cooped up in her fosters condo. She also loves chewing on a good bone! LILLY just wants to please you which is great for her progression with training! LILLY will need boundaries and proper guidance to continue to gain confidence.  She is house trained, crate trained, and knows some general commands. LILLY has not been tested with cats but will likely be okay if they are dog friendly. She is likely to skittish to be in a home with kids. If her personality matches yours