M l 50lbs l 1Y l Egyptian Baladi l Medium Energy l Good Balance of Energy & Chill l Mischievous l Giant Puppy l Attention Hog l No Cats l Older Kids (14+)

KING is suited to his name cause all he wants is for you to carry him everywhere and feed him grapes. He lets you know this by being a lap dog to remind you that his feet can never touch the floor, and counter surfs when you forget the snacks. KING came to us from Egypt and is living as a pet for the first time! He is very affectionate, cuddly, and overall pretty chill in the home. He is also very happy and smart and shows signs that he is willing to please and learn the manners of the home! Formal training would be beneficial to help you and him grow together as a family! As of now, KING needs help with chewing, jumping up and leash reactivity (barks at other dogs) and general obedience. He growls occasionally at first sight of dogs and needs a confident owner who understands the importance of proper introductions with dogs. He has learned some basic commands in a short period of time, is good walking beside you on a leash, is house trained and sleeps well in his crate at night. He doesn't like being in his crate during the day when home alone but does fine out and about (Obvz hide your favs just in case). If you'd like to crate him you'll need to work on it!! He is very ready to be your next pooch and can't wait to show you his playful, sweet and smart sides! He just needs someone dedicated to guiding him. He currently shows signs of pret drive and we don't think he will be cat social. He plays rough at times with dogs and humans but has gotten MUCH better with guidance. So we think he'd be good with older (14+), dog social kids. Did we also mention that he's like a dog model? How is he so beautiful. Apply to adopt KING