F l 5YR l 35lbs l Whippet Mix l Medium Energy l Happy Go Lucky l Chill l Social Gurl l LOVES Humans/Affection l Dog Social l Not Cat Tested (High Prey Drive Outside) 

Meet the new it girl KIMMI. Think of that person in high school who was totally cute and loved by everyone except squirrels. Yeah, her. KIMMI loves cruising around town happily introducing herself, while dolling out compliments like "cute hair", "love the outfit", and "great face, can I lick it?". KIMMI wants to make everyone smile, and will make you feel the most special by ignoring dogs at the park to meet YOU, cuddling up to you on the couch, or following you everywhere even when you go for a pee. KIMMI does need boundaries so she doesn't develop separation anxiety, but is currently happy to wait at home while you're at work. She cries a bit initially when put in her crate, but settles in nicely. She's also fine not in a cage, and hasn't got into anything. Although very chill in the home, KIMMI has a lot of energy when out and about. She loves going for walks and capitalizes on this time to make new friends, both dog and people. If it was FB, she'd surely have 1000's. She is playful and curious on walks, especially about squirrels. While she won't pull much, if they're around she only has eyes for them. She walks well on an easy harness but will probably need support with a different type of leash. She's also grasping other commands like 'sit' and 'stay' and is learning to contain her love and not jump up. She's also house and crate trained. She's a pretty fab dog if we do say so ourselves, but don't take it from us, take it from her foster who describes her as "flawless"! She is fine with apartment living and only barks sometimes when trying to get dogs at the park to play. She has not been tested with cats but has high prey drive outside. She has not been tested with kids and although is very sweet she does jump up a lot. So older children are preferred, or someone with dog/child experience to help assist the relationship! If you're ready for this girl, then apply today