F | Puppy | Podengo Mix | St Lucia | Medium energy | Playful and curious | Loves attention | Kind of housetrained | Very vocal when alone | Good with dogs and cats | Not kid tested

What the heck is a Podengo and how did we get one?! Who cares because we have this little cutie KHLOE in our lives now and for that we’re definitely #blessed. KHLOE is a typical puppy – really playful, curious and excitable. At times she’s a little ball of energy and other times she’s passed out snoring in your nap, sometimes with a toy still in her mouth because playtime is exhausting. She loves attention and is ready to be the centre of your universe. KHLOE is your life now and don’t you forget it. In return she’ll give you lots of snuggles and keep you entertained with her ridiculous antics. Did anyone see that dog bed video?! She’s an instant star. She’s medium energy and definitely needs some time to run around and play each day. She’s ready to crush you in a tug-o-war competition, for real. She’s a puppy so although she understands the concept of housetraining she can’t always hold it for long periods of time so will need to be let out a couple times in the day. She’ll also use pee pads if need be. She’s learning her basic commands but would love to go to puppy school to learn even more. She does show signs of separation anxiety – she’s not destructive but is VERY vocal when she’s left alone so ideally would be in a house over an apartment unless your neighbours are the most understanding people of all time. Other than the barking she’s pretty adaptable and would suit pretty much any home. She’s good with other animals but hasn’t been tested with kids.

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