F | 9 M | Jack Russell Terrier mix | Dominican | 25 lbs | Medium energy | VERY shy and nervous | Total sweetheart | Needs patient owner | Great as a second dog | Good with older kids | Not cat tested

Meet JOY! This girl is VERY shy at first and is looking for a patient owner who can continue to build her confidence. There’s not a mean bone in her body and she’s totally made up of love, rainbows, unicorns and ALL THINGS amazing but she just doesn’t know it yet. When she feels comfortable with you she is an affectionate little snuggle bug and just wants to be around you as much as possible. When you guys are hanging out she’ll gently place a paw on you and keep it there as a friendly reminder that she’s there and YES, you should pet her non-stop. We’d say she’s medium energy because we know there’s so much potential for her to love exploring the outdoors and socializing with her pals at the park but sometimes her nerves just get the best of her. She’ll often become too nervous on walks and will forget to go to the bathroom so you’ll need to keep a watchful eye on her in the home and take her out frequently until she gets more comfortable. She has shown some signs of leash reactivity but seems to have overcome this in foster and is now pretty good about walking on leash. JOY currently lives with another dog and gets along GREAT with them. We think she’d be amazing as a second dog so she can continue to learn from them and have a thunder buddy for life. She loves sleeping and is totally content to curl up with you for a good nap. She’s very gentle and good natured overall so we think she’d be good in a home with older kids who know when to give her some down time and who aren’t too rambunctious. She hasn’t been tested with cats but would probs be cool with a proper introduction. JOY is a complete sweetheart and just wants to be loved. If you think you can give her the patience and support she needs fill out an application to adopt now!