Josee (Foster Home Needed)



F | 2 Y | Malinois Mix | 68 lbs | High Energy/Stimulation | Very smart | Confident | Playful | Bossy w Dogs & People l Needs an assertive owner | Needs Relationship Building | Needs Structured Exercise l Good with Non-Reactive Dogs | Not Cat Social | No Kids

This playa is looking for a foster and/or adoptive home! Meet JOSÉE, this girl is tough as nails and has got the confidence to back it. JOSEE first and foremost needs the following things from a home: 1) Handlers willing to work on relationship building/earning her trust (E.g. working for food, play, praise) and 2) Structured Exercise (E.g. Scent work, tug, proper fetch). These two things are a priority to keep JOSEE in line with her training. JOSEE has had lots of reasons to not trust humans so working with her to BOND with you is absolutely a must. Hand feeding her, rewarding her for eye contact during commands and making her work for treats/play are examples of how to get JOSEE to respect you. Versus, an environment with no boundaries like just giving her whatever she wants (laying on the couch, always having water/food available) are ways to allow JOSEE to control your relationship. She needs a relationship that makes her understand that she needs and wants a human. Without this, she is bossy and will correct both humans and dogs. In the wrong relationship, she sometimes nips to say "umm I didn't like your call on that" so boundaries are a must. JOSEE can learn anything with a good food encouragement which is amazing for following said instructions for JOSEE's life of team building. Once a respectful relationship is formed, JOSEE is very playful and ready to show her more affectionate side. JOSEE benefits from playtime, especially obedience work like sniffing out treats and fetch. She is good with non-reactive dogs and is very playful but not good with confident/cocky dogs that will try to "put her in her place" bc um no, JOSEE puts you in YOUR place. JOSEE can spend downtime in her crate and is trained to stay in there when you're not home as well as overnight. Crating is key for her success. JOSEE is generally good on leash with a prong collar which helps gain control over her reactions if there are any and just to generally control her as she is very strong. She would benefit from a low-key lifestyle with a mix of mental/physical stimulation and chill time. Her trainer thinks one of her best traits is that JOSEE is very confident and can approach most situations without nervousness. She's kind of like "k, this is it? Why were you scared mom?" while on the biggest rollercoaster of life. She is a wonderful dog at heart and is looking for someone to trust in either a foster or adoptive situation. If you are interested in fostering her please email or for adoption please apply at

JOSEE adoption fee will include 1 private training session with Complete K9 Care!