M | Chihuahua | 8 Y | 9 lbs | LA | Low energy | Thinks he’s the boss | Needs training + boundaries | Timid | Affectionate | Good apartment dog | Good with dogs | Not cat tested | Older kids only

When you’re small but just wanna be BIG… meet JOEY! What he lacks in size he definitely makes up for in personality as long as you like your Chis with a healthy dose of sass. Don’t we all though?! Because of this he will need a dominant handler who is ready to continue to expose him to new things. Although he wants to be a lap dog and just have you carry him around on a fancy pillow all day like the boss he is, this cannot happen. He needs boundaries set for him and will need ongoing training. Current areas of improvement include walking on leash, basic commands and marking. He wants to put his mark all over the city, like literally every two feet, but he needs to learn that walks are actually for walking. He gets nervous in high traffic areas, around loud noises and around other dogs. He stops walking and refuses to move. He should NOT be picked up in these cases rather his people should encourage him to be more independent, with baby steps. A home outside the city may actually be nice for his chillness. JOEY is actually pretty chill in the home. He’s very cute and loves his people but make no mistake that little mind is working overtime and he definitely thinks he’s in charge. His fav activity is meeting new doggy pals! He hasn’t been tested with cats and should only go to a home with older children, 12 and up. If you’d like to meet him fill out an application to adopt today!