M | 1 Y | 70 lbs | Leonberger mix | Dominican | Medium energy | | Hit by Car/Low Impact Lifestyle | Needs Confident Owner/Directions and Boundaries | Strong & Needs Training l Goofball | Doesn't know his size/Giant Puppy | Affectionate | Ok with other dogs | Older kids only | Not cat tested

Ok helllooooo who is this GIANT ball of fluff? Believe it or not this giant mop that we call JIMMY came from the sunny tropics of the Dominican. JIMMY is a giant goofball and just wants attention. He will absolutely take up your whole bed and/or couch and basically there will be no room for you left in your place. He would be suited to apartment living because he's not overly energetic. He also has mild carpal laxity in his front left leg from being hit by a car. He should have a low impact lifestyle and he may get arthritis early in life. He loves snuggling up next to you and demanding your attention. Nothing on TV is ever more important than you petting him and he will nuzzle you to let you know that it's not even a little bit ok that you tried to stop. After some training he's good about going in his crate. He also knows a couple basic commands. JIMMY is a big boy and does tend to pull on his leash so will need someone who is comfortable walking him. He hasn't had much time to interact with other larger fellas but currently lives with a couple small dogs and is doing ok. He does tend to get a little too rambunctious at times and not really know his size which can result in some rough play. He's been working on being more respectful in foster care and has been responding well to NO when he gets too rough. He can also be very mouthy with his humans when he wants something, like I'll just take your hand in my giant mouth and lead you to my food bowl because I can, so we don't think he should go to a home with small children. Older children (12+) with dog experience might be ok. He hasn't been tested with cats. He's also the ultimate destroyer of toys so we recommend investing in some durable items that can withstand the wrath of this giant hamster. He needs someone who can show control and give him proper direction as he is a LARGE puppy! If you'd like to meet JIMMY fill out an application to adopt