M | 2Y | 27lbs | Poodle Mix | Low Energy | Stage 5 Clinger/Separation Anxiety | Affectionate & Loving | Dog Social | Likely Kid Social (but very docile and sweet) 

Meet the coolest Mexican Poodle you ever did see JHONY! This dude is super chill, easy going, gentle, etc etc. All he wants to be is the peanut butter to your jelly or the macaroni to your cheese. 

JHONY is obsessed with humans and being with them constantly. He would not due well with a 9-5 work day unless you have a dog walker like Ramble & Rescue, a dog daycare like Unleashed in the City, or are only gone for about max 4hr periods. At least... in the beginning while you work with his separation anxiety! (Okay fine, JHONY probably wants to have that kind of fun furever and ever).

He is always ready to make new friends whether its your closest BFFL or the mailman. JHONY has also shown to be dog social and although hasn't been tested with cats or kids we think he would be good with help during an adjustment and DUH just basic guidance. He knows you're the boss and wants to follow your command. And although he gives awesome puppy eyes, it is important to show him boundaries so his separation anxiety can go away! 

JHONY only currently has low-ish energy and benefits from a couple short walks to say what's up to the neighbours. Cause obvs his fav activity is SLEEPING... so walks just get in the way. JHONY is a great companion dog and is adjustable into most flexible scheduled homes. Side note: He is a picky eater but we know that won't deter you from his amazingness.

So if this sounds to be your dude, apply fast cause he will likely not stay on the website for more than 24hrs!