F | 1 Y | Podenco mix | 30 lbs | Dominican | Low – medium energy | Very shy and nervous | Seeks affection | Needs to build confidence | Needs training | Shy with other dogs | Not cat tested | Kids 14+

Meet IRIS! Although this girl is ridiculously cute and you just want to snuggle the heck outta her all day and night she would do best in a home that doesn’t smother her and really works to help build her confidence. She is VERY shy and nervous of new humans and dogs and will step away trying to avoid any interaction. Her ideal home will help her push past that initial barrier and will either have experience with shy/fearful dogs or be willing to work with a professional trainer to help her build her confidence. Once she trusts you IRIS is a total sweetheart and just craves affection. She is a complete cuddle monster even though she puts up a front like she doesn’t even want to know you. Hard to get much?  She LOVES her people and will demand that you love her twice as much in return. Because she’s so nervous in new situations she’s been having trouble feeling confident enough to do her business outside and will need some help with housetraining. She has really advanced since arriving and now goes outside with guidance but also uses pee pads inside. A home with a backyard may help her feel comfortable but isn’t absolutely necessary. Learning basic commands may be a bit of a challenge as she’s not food motivated. She’s crate trained and happily walks beside you on leash. She barks to alert you when there’s a new guest at your party but is otherwise well behaved in the home. IRIS is very shy with other dogs although might be ok with another chill dog in the home to show her the ropes. She hasn’t been tested with cats and should only go to a home with kids over the age of 14. She has met a toddler and did great with proper monitoring but should probably gain confidence before being put in frequent situations like this. IRIS has so many amazing qualities and will be such an amazing companion with patience and a little bit of love. Fill out an application to adopt