M l 2Y l 45lbs l Shepherd Mix l Medium Energy l Happy Dude l Rescued from Cayman Islands l Dog Social/Best as Second Dog l Prey Drive/No cats l No Kids l Smiles l Fear Reactive when pushed

First word foster uses to describe him: DWEEB. In a trusting environment, IKE is just the happiest guy! He is NEVER HAPPIER than when he sees his leash as he totally loves a casual stroll around the neighbourhood twice a day. Otherwise, he is best observed in his natural habitat: napping. He has an irresistible stupid lil smile and is so adorably playful and curious. BUT his curiosity doesn't get him far as his fav spot is next to you! He also loves making doggy friends and is best known for cuddling next to his foster pup. Ideally, we will be looking for him to be added as the second dog of the home as his personality transforms when he has a furry role model to look up to. As stated at the beginning of this bio, this is IKE's behaviour when he feels trusting and SAFE. IKE is a fearful dog at times and previously showed signs of fear reactivity meaning he uses his teeth to protect himself. This has been seen mostly at the vet which is known as a place where dogs can get very scared but should be recognized as a place he is willing to go if all isn't in his comfort zone. So, you could see him react poorly when introduced to something he isn't a fan of and something to particularly be noted if in new environments. IKE hasn't shown much fear in his new foster home and we think having another dog around him has opened him up a fair bit. IKE should take all new situations slowly, and be controlled by leash to help guide his behaviours, especially as he adjusts to his adoptive home, gets comfortable and begins to trust. Establishing rules/boundaries from the beginning is very important for a balanced relationship between IKE and his masters! He should not be in a home with cats because of his prey drive. IKE should not go to a home with kids as he is sometimes sensitive being touched/introduced in the face. He has been good with them when monitored on leash! He is such a lover and rewards his humans with smiles, constant tail wags and alien sounds of affection. Yes, we said that. If IKE is a good fit for you then please apply