M | 3 Y | Husky mix| 50 lbs | Mexico | Medium to high energy | Loves the outdoors | Chill indoors | Best as a second dog | Playful and adventurous | Not kid tested | Probs no cats

Meet HACHI! This happy go lucky Husky mix always has a HUGE smile on his face because he’s just pumped about everything. He does have some previous nerve damage which results in near constant twitches on one side of his face – they don’t even stop when he’s sleeping. He’s not bothered by it AT ALL though so there’s no need for you to worry. It’s actually one of the things we love most about him because you have to embrace what makes you original right?! HACHI knows what’s up. He’s a husky mix so he LOVES adventures and spending time outside. He’ll definitely need at least one long walk per day along with playtime. If you live near some sweet trails he’d love to explore them with you! In the home he’s a lazy ball of fluff and just wants to cuddle up for a good nap. He’s 3 years old but he plays like a puppy AND naps like one too. He also acts like a puppy when he chews your shoes and phone chargers but we’re working on it! HACHI was very nervous of everything when he first arrived but spending time with another dog really helped him come out of his shell and they instantly became best buds. He’d do best in a home with another dog or he should at least have regular playdates with his pals. He has a bit of separation anxiety so would prefer a home with someone around more often than not and has been working on his leash skills and basic obedience in foster. Husky dogs are notoriously smart which can work to your advantage with proper training, or they end up telling you what to do. If you’d like to meet your new adventure buddy fill out an application to adopt HACHI