M | 3 Y | Pekingese mix | 15 lbs | Quebec | Medium energy | Separation anxiety | Vocal - no condos/apts | LOVES people | Happy go lucky | Dog social | Not cat tested | Older kids ok

Have you always wanted an ewok of your own? Well good news, we just rescued one from Quebec – meet GRIFFIN! This little dude looks exactly like those other little dudes from the movies. We’re not even sure he’s a dog or how he actually got here, tbh. He is super sweet and really loves his people. K, he’s actually OBSESSED with people and will bond very closely to a couple in particular. He can be a bit wary of strangers and new situations at first and will run right back to his trusted humans. Because of his desire to be with you like ALL THE TIME he does have separation anxiety and hates when you leave. So much so that he doesn’t even want you going to the washroom without those saucer eyes staring at you the whole time. He would prefer a home with someone around more often than not. He is also not suited to apartment/condo living as he's not afraid to express his opinions loud and clear. He is vocal in the home when he’s left alone or when he hears strange noises. GRIFFIN will need someone who will set some boundaries for him and treat him like a dog. Although he wants to be carried around or sitting in your lap at all times (he gives you his best puppy dog eyes to prove it) that’s not the ideal life for him. His separation anxiety will need to be worked on with time and patience. He’s not destructive though and doesn’t really go on the furniture unless you put him there. He’s great with other dogs and walks well on a leash. He loves running around and is super fast and playful when he wants to be. He’s a picky eater but we think he’s just being particular because he thinks he can. He hasn’t been tested with cats and would do best in a home with older children. Also, two words: THAT UNDERBITE. If you’d like to meet him fill out an application to adopt at