M | Puppy | Hound mix | 15 lbs currently | Medium-High energy | Needs training | Chewer | Big snuggler | Good with other dogs | Good with cats | Not kid tested – probs ok

Meet GHOST! He’s a typical puppy and we’re looking for a home that has the time and energy to devote to helping him grow up. His new fam should have someone who is able to let him out during the day and will want to take him to puppy school so that he can socialize with new pals and learn all the basics. GHOST is a pretty laidback dude but does have a lot of puppy energy that he needs to get out. He loves to play with his toys and is good with other dogs so would do well with other pets in the house. He also lives a cat right now and is totally cool! He’s very affectionate and loves to snuggle up with you. He’s still getting used to the high traffic areas in the city so his new humans will need to be patient with this. He’ll be a relatively big dog (hound mix yo) and will need a decent amount of exercise each day. He’s been working on all his training skillz in foster but this will be an ongoing process when he moves to his furever home. He’s nearly mastered housetraining but may need a refresher when he gets to a new space. He is a puppy so he LOVES to chew and will need lots of toys on hand. Be warned that he may confuse some of your personal belongings for toys. Shoes, rope toys, they’re the same right? He also thinks that furniture tastes delicious sooo you’ll need to keep an eye on this tricky little guy. Although he hasn’t been tested with kids we think he’d be ok with the knowledge that he may get a little mouthy from time to time as most pups do. If you’d like to meet GHOST fill out an application to adopt