FLYNN | M | 1 Y | Husky Mix | 57 lbs | Cayman Islands | Med to high energy | Affectionate | Loves the outdoors | Sociable | Needs help with leash skills | Dog social | Not cat or kid tested | Heartworm positive + has his dysplasia 

Meet FLYNN with the million-dollar smile! When he flashes his pearly whites at you it generally means you’re about to get a shower of kisses, so we hope you don’t have a strong need for personal space. FLYNN is a beauty and is quickly stealing hearts in SOS and beyond. He’s only a year old and the Husky in him causes him to be a fairly energetic dog. He loves to be outside smelling everything and really appreciates some good play sessions with the other dogs in the neighbourhood. Spending time outside is the best part of the day for him followed closely by snuggle on the couch with his human. His ideal home is definitely fairly active and not strictly about that couch potato life. FLYNN is great with other dogs and spent the holidays chilling with an SOS alumni. He can be a bit vocal and rambunctious when playing with other dogs so dogs his size or larger are best. Although he’s always a ringleader when it comes to play time his approach is not mean spirited and he just needs some space to get a little crazy with his pals… don’t we all though. He’s basically a celebrity at his local dog park. Although he is fine in a crate he is generally left out during the day so that he has time to stretch his legs. He has not been destructive in the home except for tearing pieces of random paper to shreds. He knows basic commands and is working on being gentle when taking treats from his humans. He’s also working on his leash skills as he tends to pull, especially if he sees a squirrel. FLYNN is very human social and has adapted well to many situations. Elevators took some time initially but he’s now conquered them because he’s the best. FLYNN has some health concerns that his new home should be aware of. He is currently heartworm positive which is currently being treated. Because of his current treatment he needs to take it relatively easy in terms of exercise. He may also require additional treatment in the future. FLYNN also has hip dysplasia. He is a happy, active boy but sometimes his hip feels stiff which is why it’s beneficial for him to have an opportunity to stretch and stay mobile during the day. Shorter walks or play sessions are best for him so that he doesn’t overexert himself. This may also require additional treatment or surgery in the future and he needs to be kept at a healthy weight. If you’d like to meet this sweet guy fill out an application to adopt at