3Y l M l Pitbull l Looking for foster/adopter on East Coast l Medium Energy l Active l Affectionate & Sweet l Shy w Men l  Good with Kids (8+) l Good w female dogs l No Cats l

We are looking for a east coast ADOPTER OR FOSTER for this hunk FLASH! FLASH needs to move out of the Ontario/Quebec area as the BSL ban makes it unsafe for him to be here. 

FLASH is a very lovable dude and spends most his time cuddling his 8 year old room mate. FLASH is very affectionate and sweet with humans (shy with men) and is so happy to spend all his time with you. FLASH is looking for a home where he gets to see multiple people on the daily that come in and out and show him love. A flexible schedule is preferred as FLASH just wants to love you all the time!! FLASH loves being active and is also playful. FLASH is good with female dogs but growls at males. This is likely a factor of him currently not being neutered which SOS hopes to change VERY soon. FLASH is not good with cats (chases them) and saves all his love and affection for the kids in his life! He currently lives with a 8 year old and LOVES him, but we are unsure as to how he'd be with kids younger. Also, its important for kids to be dog social as well. FLASH needs basic training and shows signs of anxiety that need working on. He sometimes has accidents in the house and as well likes to chew your fav things. He is so far not crate trained and howls when left in a crate. He's good walking on a leash with you, but does sometimes lunge at other dogs and will need assistance to correct this. He learns very fast and is shows with his affection that he is very grateful for the second chance. FLASH loves car rides and would be fine travelling out east via car!!