F | 1 Y | Rottweiler mix | Cayman Islands | 45 lbs | High energy | Very smart | Needs ongoing training | Excitable | Very people friendly | Good with other dogs | Not cat social | Good with older kids

Looking for an energetic, active pup to go on every adventure with you? Meet FARRAH! This girl is high energy and will need her adopters to be very active and committed to giving her a few hours of exercise per day. She would love to go on hikes and jogs with you and would likely excel in some sort of agility training as she’s super athletic. You need to be careful though because she can leap fences in a single bound, Michael Jordan stylez. She’s very playful but is also easily excitable so needs to learn how to harness her energy. If she gets too bored or excited she’ll nip a bit to try to engage in play, jump up on your or grab her leash for an epic tug-a-war showdown. She’s still young and puppy-ish so has a lot to learn in terms of manners. She’s highly intelligent but has a bit of a stubborn streak. She will do best with a family who is committed to ongoing training and keeping her mentally stimulated, otherwise she may chew all your things. But after she is well exercised she is DOWN TO CHILL... preferably in your bed. But she totally calms down after the right stimulation. She’s pretty good about going in her crate and has learned some basic commands in foster already. FARRAH is very people friendly and likes a lot of attention. She would be fine in a home with children 12+ who can handle her little bursts of excitement. She loves socializing at the park with her dawg palz but does play a bit rough sometimes. She can definitely hold her own with any of the big guys. #girlpower FARRAH currently lives with a cat and is very interested in playing and chasing her around the house. When the cat asserts herself FARRAH backs off so would do best with a cat with some attitude. FARRAH has so much potential! If you’re looking for an adventure buddy fill out an application to adopt