F | 73lbs | 1Y | Lab Mix | Medium Energy | Affectionate | Playful | Very Dog Social | No Cats | Good w Older Kids (10+) 

Great balance of chill and play? Check. Meet EMMA. This lovely adoptable travelled from TEXAS with the biggest smile on her face which we might add.. is still there. EMMA's favourite thing every is playing with her doggy pals. Whether its a furry friend at home or her 900 friends at the dog park, EMMA is totally happy letting you chill while she runs around with her best buds. She is a little overexcited at times and does better with other playful dogs as she will occasionally bark to tell certain dogs that they need to liven up and get active. Think of her as a Richard Simmons of the dog world. Her energy is notable during walks as well as she initially had a hard time keeping her focus. She has been working on her overexcited-ness of the world during walks and has done better with more control from her handler. When at home, especially after playtime, EMMA is SUPER chill and just happy to be with you. She loves lounging beside you, but yes attention is kind of key too. She will lay her 75lb body on you if you ignore her for too long. But note that EMMA currently is adjusting to being left alone and is making a lot of progress in her crate. With the wrong encouragement, she can definitely develop separation anxiety and have a hard time being home alone. SO, ignoring her when you leave/come home is better so she doesn't think being alone is bad. She is housetrained and as we said has been a pretty fast leaner with leash training and now crate training. She is not good with cats and is good with older kids as she is still a giant puppy when she's overstimulated. If you'd like to meet this adorable/lovable girl, fill out an application