M | 8M | Lab mix | Antigua | Medium energy | Pumped about life | Smart | Almost housetrained | Sociable | Good with other dogs | Not cat or kid tested

The king is in the house! Meet ELIVS, a sweet lab mix from Antigua. Talk about second chances… one of our core volunteers was on vacation when ELVIS just sorta found her and was like ‘ohhhh haaiii take me home please?’ SO SHE DID. He’s now ready for adoption and he is PUMPED. He is so enthusiastic about life and is ready to take on pretty much anything. He’s medium energy and would definitely benefit from a long walk and some play time each day. He’s an early riser because he doesn’t want to miss anything but then exhausts himself so needs some dedicated nap times to get through the day. How do we sign up for that life?! He’s excitable and can get a little rambunctious at times but is overall well behaved. He’s smart and picks things up quickly so would love to go to obedience school to learn more. He’s learned basic commands like sit and stay is nearly housetrained but may need a bit of support in his new home. A house with a backyard would help with housetraining but he would be ok in an apartment too as long as his humans are diligent with taking him out. He loves attention and will follow you around the house like your shadow. He’s good with other dogs (lives with one currently) but hasn’t been tested with cats or kids. He does although have 'want what I can't have' syndrome and likes to steal toys from over dogs so keep that in mind if you have a resource guarded. He’s super social with pretty much everyone and everything. ELVIS really lives by the motto Carpe Diem and is looking for someone who feels the same. If you’d like to meet him fill out an application to adopt.