5M l Medium Energy l 50lbs and growing l American Bulldog l Cuddler l Chill in the home l Bulldozer l Dog Social l Okay w Cats l Older Kids Only (14+)

Meet our new bulldozer, DUKE. Please note that YES he is cute but no you can't adopt simply because of that. Please read his full bio to ensure he's a great family fit! Hmm. How to describe him in 10 words: Cute, fun, wiggly, excitable, stubborn, timid, playful, curious, doorknob.. did we say wiggly? DUKE is 5months and will already test you from the beginning of the day till the end. Not only is it cause he's a puppy and he's like "LOOK MOM, I CAN DO THIS" but also to do with the fact that he is BIG AND STRONG (just ask him!). So, when he tries to lick your coffee on the table.. he spills the entire thing, smashes the table into pieces and has gotten into the garbage, ripped a plushie in half and peed on the floor all before you notice. This guy will need some guidance and a firm handler to show him whats up; not only in the home but out! DUKE is doing amazing engaging with the outside world! He's been fearful/reactive before but has progressed very well and is showing very little of this. With continued guidance and training, DUKE will continue to be the most awesome dude to spend your time with. He is very playful (esp tug of war) and perfectly places himself in a ball on your fav chair.. just because he's not allowed.(Although he does know the word OFF and listens 90% of the time, until of course you're not looking again). Although fun and excitable during the day, DUKE settles to bed at 7PM (with proper daily exercise) and is hard to wake up to even go on a pee break. DUKE is a strong breed and if his needs are not met now, will be able to do a heck of a lot of damage. He is dog social, playful but scary to cats and happy to cohabitant with dog friends or older kids. He needs help with trust, leash manners and general obedience. He is house and crate trained. But he does Bark when people enter your home! Please only apply for him if you have dog experience, preferably with large or similar breeds! Visit our website to fill out an adoption app