M | 4 M | American Bulldog Mix | 45 lbs currently | High energy | Fast learner | Still needs training | Rambunctious | Needs more socialization with dogs | No young kids | Not cat tested

Meet DUKE! This dude is a local Torontonian looking for his second chance for the perfect furever home. DUKE is a puppy and as such has ENDLESS puppy energy and will need an active household who can provide a ton of physical and mental stimulation. If you're a couch potato we've got mad respect for that but don't catch feelings for this ball of cuteness because this is definitely not the dog for you. Although currently a clumsy little oaf DUKE will grow up to be quite strong and will need someone who can handle him. He's a very quick learner so would absolutely thrive with some structured training. He knows most of the basics already but would love to learn even more 'cause every day is a school day. He's ok being left alone but will bark a couple times just to remind you to come home, as if you could ever forget him. He's housebroken but needs to go out at puppy intervals which means he needs his hoomans to have a flexible schedule or the time to devote to a young pup. DUKE is ok with other dogs but does not seem to understand their social cues. Growling just means they want to play with me more right?! NO DUKE. Sometimes he just needs a quick time out when hanging around with his dawgs and has been responding well to positive reinforcement techniques when he does greet/play appropriately. He will nip at other dogs to try and initiate play. He can be a little possessive of prized possessions (BONEEEZZZZ) but would otherwise be fine with another higher energy dog in the home. DUKE has not been kid tested but we don't think he should go to a home with young children at this time. He also hasn't been tested with cats but we're not sure he'd like them TBH.

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