2Y l 40lbs l Spaniel Mix l High Energy l Opportunist Chewer l Great Second Dog (not required) l Okay with Cats and Kids l Squirrel Patrol Guard l

Meet CREPA! Originally from Mexico, CREPA decided that the Toronto pet life chose her because there is a lonely adventurer out there just looking for their dog match. CREPA is a very lovable girl and can keep up with ANYTHING you throw at her, but is not overly hyper! She is described by everyone as a gentle, quiet and calm girl when they meet her. She benefits from stimulation throughout the day but doesn’t necessarily need to always be on the move. Because she loves her humans and her jobs (squirrel patrol, toy collector or nap companion) she does not want to be left alone all day cause thats BORING so whether it's having a flexible schedule or availability to have her in daycare.. that's what we're looking for! She has been a lil stubborn when it comes to doing what her foster wants her to do but with a consistent routine and rules her stubborn streak has seemed to have been broken! She is motivated to learn new tricks, especially if there’s a treat in it for her. She loves chewing her fav toys but if she's given the opportunity and the time… will chew your fav things! She is hilarious to watch play and generally has a great spirit and is very passionate about life! She is very playful in the right situation, but can be apprehensive in new situations and may benefit from another dog in the home to teach her when it’s okay to let loose. Having a backyard would be a plus as she loves to spend hours basking in the sun and watching over her neighbourhood. At times she barks playfully at her fosters cat but so far shows signs that she can cohabitate. Note, the more you stimulate her, the chiller she is with the cat. If all this works for you, then you'll benefit from the chill time you'll get with CREPA cause she's a great snuggler and just wants to be your best friend. She is good on a leash, house broken and generally house trained but has marked a few times which may need to be addressed with a trainer to correct appropriately - removing the marked items has corrected this as well. She is very calm with the right handler and has been good meeting kids (even when they run up from behind her and pull on her tail). She is ready to find her match so put in an application