F | 11 M | Jack Russell Terrier mix | Mexico | 23 lbs | Medium energy | Active and playful | Smart but needs training | Selective with other dogs | Great with humans | Not cat tested

With legs like that she could be a supermodel… meet CHISPA! There’s definitely some JRT in this girl because she’s active, playful and just a little bit rambunctious at times. She will require a few hours of exercise/playtime each day. She loves running around and is super fast (hence why her name is the Spanish word for 'spark'). Luckily, she does have an off switch and knows when it’s time to chill. She stretches out when she’s tired (dog yoga anyone?) and then folds her weird little body up like a pretzel and passes out cuddled up next to you. It’s adorable. CHISPA is very smart and eager to learn but she will require consistent training. She’s just mastered housetraining so she may need a bit of forgiveness if she slips up once or twice in her new home. She’s crated trained and really enjoys sleeping in there at night. She knows essential commands and is learning new ones each day, so she’s basically a genius. Did we mention she loves getting rewarded with yummy treats for a job well done? She does need help with her leash skills as she can become very overstimulated on walks. There are soooo many things to sniff and check out! Sometimes she growls at other dogs while on her leash but is improving. Taking her away for a moment and reintroducing her often leads to positive results. She has been introduced to a couple of friendly, non-reactive dogs and has done well so her new family should continue to work on her socialization. Training classes would be helpful! She is great with humans of all ages but she hasn’t been tested with cats (she loves to chase birds and squirrels, but is also getting used to being around them). CHISPA does have a permanently luxated patella which causes her to limp sometimes. She would benefit from surgery in the future and we would encourage any potential adopters to read up of this. CHISPA is a bright and charismatic pup who is very loyal and affectionate. If you love her as much as we do fill out an application to adopt