F | 2 Y | Lab mix | 45 lbs | Dominican | Low-medium energy | Your shadow | VERY Affectionate | Lap dog | Well behaved | Working on basic commands | Dogs, cats, kids – yes to all!

CASPER has acquired a few nicknames since arriving from Dominican including Boo ‘cause she’s pale and MooMoo ‘cause she literally moos like a cow when she’s sleeping. Sometimes she even wakes herself up with her own sounds. She weighs in at around 45 lbs currently but could stand to lose some of that holiday weight. We feel ya, girl. She’s not very active at the moment and we’re not sure if her energy level will increase a little bit once she sheds a few lbs or if slow is just her max speed. Either way we don’t think she’s looking for an overly active family. We don’t want to say she’s lazy but she thinks sleeping is definitely better than anything else, ever. She’s a little shy at first but she absolutely LOVES people and is especially drawn to men. She’s very affectionate and follows you around the house like your shadow. Even at the dog park she just sticks right by your side instead of running around with those other weirdos. She considers herself a lap dog which we promise will be much more enjoyable if she sticks to her weight loss plan. Overall she’s well behaved, good on leash and is working on basic commands in foster. She’s great about her crate and happily goes in there whenever you tell her to. She’s a grazer so she picks at her food throughout the day if it’s left in her crate. She’s a social butterfly and is great with dogs, cats and kids. Basically if you like lounging on the couch and giving lots of belly rubs CASPER could be the perfect dog for you. Fill out an application to adopt.