M | 1 Y | Canaan Mix | Jordan | Low energy | Special needs | Wheelchair user | Just looking for love | A bit stubborn | Needs someone around a lot | Dog social | Not cat or kid tested

They see me rollin’, they hatin’… Now that he’s ridin’ dirty in his new wheels BOOMER is ready for a furever home! Because of the nature of his previous injuries BOOMER will need a very specific home. The most remarkable thing about this guy is how even after all of the terrible things he’s endured in life he is still SO ready to open up to you and just wants be to loved. He’s captured the hearts of everyone he’s met and we know he’ll make some lucky humans very happy. It can sometimes take him a bit to fully trust people (can you blame him?) so if you push him a bit too far at first he’ll let you know to chill out with a little growl. It’s best to then step back, let him regroup and try again later. Once he develops full trust in you he’s pretty open to anything. For anyone who doesn’t know, BOOMER’s back legs were intentionally chopped off and likely broke his back at some point as well. As a result he’s learning how to use his new wheels and will most likely be on pain medication for the rest of his life. If he’s going out quickly (like a quick pee break) he can hold his back end off the ground and support himself on his front legs. He’s still getting used to his wheels so can’t use his chair for extended period of time just yet but in the future should be comfortable enough to use it for longer distances. He gets very tired from using it so his adopter will need to be patient with this as it will take time. BOOMER will need someone who is around most of the time to care for him. He also has some anxiety issues, especially at night, so his adopter will need to help him build his confidence because, duh, nightmares are scary stuff. BOOMER’s adopter will need to be comfortable with hygiene maintenance as he will need to be routinely cleaned after he goes to the bathroom – this is super important going forward. BOOMS loves playing with other dogs and should be ok with another one in the home but hasn’t been tested with cats or kids. His all time favourite thing to do is lay on the deck and sunbathe so we can’t wait to find him the perfect furever home for him where this is a reality as much as possible. We feel so lucky to be giving this soul a second chance – if you think you can help fill out an application to ADOPT.